Lexiebommel10 of smp9

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  1. Hi i have been on for a wheil and never really got involved in forums but i though i should give it a try so here is who i am
    i am 12 and my b-day is march 30 so it is just around the corner
    I play on emc alot and i have a shop and lot of cool things
    I am fun nice and i like to make myself known by others
    I already have alot of freinds on emc but i feel so stupid when i forget who they were becuse i have a very bad memory.
    I like to mine with others for fun and i hate to do alone becuse i watch too many herobrin shows lol :p it is funny but i really am scared.
    I am a scardy cat also y i hate mineing alone
    I am lexiebommel10 and hope i c u around

    Ps. Reses (main one ) 18042 and 18077
  2. Oh. My. God. My birthday is on march 30 too! :D Hope I'll meet you one day :)