"Letting Go" Before A Flame War Ignites

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  1. So if you smell a flame war... what is the best way to back out with dignity?

    Unsubscribe is only effective for me if I don't get quoted again. :)

    I would also welcome tips for how some people manage to gracefully decline to comment when someone just keeps adding new misunderstandings to the conversation, despite having had something politely explained to them already.

    I have issues with letting go in the face of ignorant misunderstandings, since it's possible to quote people directly. But if they're just skimming or thinking about what they're going to say next instead of considering it, then it's all futile. But even knowing this I still feel like I need to stick up for myself if nobody else does. :confused:
  2. if it's making you mad, just stop posting and do something else. some people post things without reading, some people have different opinions, some people are looking for a fight. just let them win. there's no prize after all.
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  3. It's not the same as being mad. It's just that I feel like I need to stick up for myself if nobody else reasonable is going to chime in.
    hehe: Wisdom. :)
  4. I don't know, it just seems like you're over-valuing what people think of you. People are mostly selfish creatures who are only concerned about what others think of them, and generally don't notice the effort you put into your own personal presentation, because they're busy worrying what you think.

    Sure, if you think there is misunderstanding I get trying to correct the other person's thoughts. Sometimes you hit a wall and it's not worth pursuing. People who are interested in your ideas and thoughts are smart enough to skip the crap :)
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  5. If your in a public flame war, take it private, PM the offending party and try and find out the problem. If that fails, give up and move on. Fighting in public makes people need to defend themselves, if its private, its different.
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