lets tolk

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  1. hay i wud love to voce chat but i dont want to give away my skyp info so if you wont add me on steam ill be happy to play other games as well:) my tag is the same as this one terifym3;)
  2. my steam is gx9er6 :)
  3. I had to read this at least twice before I could tell what he was trying to say o.o
    I really hope this is a troll >>
  4. i apologize for my miss spellings i have dyslexia
  5. No problem sir. Its just usually when someone, expecially with a new account, comes on here and types in big letters with a lot of misspelled words its a troll.
  6. thats true
  7. dang sorry also my steam user name must be extremely confusing.
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