Lets tell a story ( keep it going)

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  1. Once upon a time there was this red cow in the field and than......
  2. it grew giant mushrooms!
  3. but the mushrooms looked very weird
  4. So bob the zombie picked them off and took them to a tea party
    with mr and mrs creeper
  5. The cow was not happy from this, so it set off on an adventure to find the creepers.
  6. mr and mrs creeper blew up sadly, but the zombie still had tea with the cow
  7. so the mushroom cow died and there was a funeral
  8. The end? No, this made other cows want to be as great as the previous one...
  9. The pigs heard about the cows so they killed EVERY single cow!
  10. but at the funeral all everyone heared was a loud "MOO!!!!!!" and everyone screamed "IT'S ALAIVEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! and ran
  11. Mooshroom...
  12. the cow!!!! its alive ahhhhhhh
  13. but it was really his twin, mooey pooey!
  14. than came a pig named porky chops
  16. slayed as in loved lol
  17. Love as in killed everything but pigs.
  18. -_- and than herobrine struck the pig with lightning
  19. and it became a charged pig, closest relative to the charged creeper!