Let's Talk.... about Fo4

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Are you Excited about Fo4?

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  1. Let's Talk about one of most anticipated game releases of this year Fallout 4.
    What shall talking about first?
    The new leveling system, The Graphics, Creation kit for Consoles, able to build your own Fallout community, Gun crafting and more.
    Did anyone in Emc Community order a Pip-boy?
    also If you don't want talk Fallout 4 then get out... jk :p

    One thing that I like that Bethesda has changed is Power Armor. They are treating it as exoskeleton and not just a piece high level clothing.
    Let's get started then :D
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  2. Yes, the helmet in my fallout 3 box is already chattering. This game looks sweet from all the videos I saw.

    Also, I am waiting for some fallout 4 physical 'items' from a very specific place... Hoping I can ninja some things!
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  3. I can't wait for this to happen. I took off work for a week around this time.
  4. Hahaha nice.. Wish I could do that at my work.
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  5. Staff only thread eh... I cannot wait for this game to come out. I've upgraded my PC for this game. I will be cashing on some sick days for this one.
  6. That's one thing that I've been wondering about the game this entire time is the Specs. It Shouldn't be that bad if your computer can run Witcher 3 then should be in the green.
  7. If I cant run it on my new machine I will set the world on fire.
  8. :( That I'm certain I cannot run and I don't have a PS4. I will find a way lol
  9. What's fallout 4?
  10. I can't tell if your Joking around or Serious atm but it's a Massive RPG game made by Bethesda Co. Who has brought many great games has Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Oblivion,Morrowind, Quake, Dishonored andmany other great games.

    Here's a trailer of Fo4 for you
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  11. I want Fallout 4 for Christmas alongside a new PC able to run it. If I have to get it for my PS4, I will cry. Bethesda games are never good on consoles, and there will be no mods which is what's kept me playing New Vegas and 3 two years after I bought them together >.>
  12. Oh... .-.

    Thanks for linking me that. I stray away from Fallout 4 news so everything's a surprise to me when I get to play it in a few month's time, but the downside to that is I miss stuff like this :p
  13. rlly wana get it but my mum says "its f"en R 18 NO"
  14. I watched the storyline OMG
  15. Knowledge bump
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  16. Another Knowledge bump
  17. S.P.E.C.I.A.L Bump
  18. remember kids, if mom says no, uncle might say yes :)
  19. ;)