Let's Play! ;)

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  1. Btw you can meet me on the server /smp7 im online right now ;)
  2. Hey Keldeo did MichaelBBB tell you the news *sigh* anyways I would love you to see my res please and check neighbor and tell her I told her to and if you heard the news please tell her to and thx
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  3. Allen i have no clue of what "news" your talking about :\
  4. what do ya mean?
  5. Good luck with your videos Keldeo!
    I watched a few of them and they were pretty random xD
    As I said before, Best of luck for you!
  6. I know there really random =_= I do occasional minecraft playthroughs tho xD
  7. Im going to do an official one soon :p