Lets Play Transformice with Princebee, AliceF3, and Darksuperlord!

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft! Me and some friends have been Playing Transformice.
    Transformice is a very cool online game. We are a tribe called Empire Minecraft. We go on all these adventures and have loads of fun.
    So far, Princebee, AliceF3, and Darksuperlord have been skypeing and Princebee and I have been Recording. We decided that we would share it with you guys :D. We mostly goof around and try to be the last one standing instead of trying to get the cheese...
    Well Anyways,
    Episode 1
    We Suck at this game xD
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  2. sorry for the horrible audio, I accidentally recorded from my headset, which.... is unplugged. -_-
  3. Alright, want to start recording again soon? I am ready to start. :)
    Also, I am Escotic. Just so you know :p
  4. [critic speaking] Horrible lets play...
  5. How is it bad. Prince forgot to plug something in for the FIRST episode. We tried very hard to make this. It took prince 10 HOURS to upload and edit this video. If you don't like it then don't watch it.

    Also we will be taking turns uploading videos just to let you know :)
  6. Mistakes were made...
  7. As you can see, I (mousinatar) am terrible at transformice
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  8. Just an FYI, that post was at 1:33 PM for me, and I go to school :p Sooo.... What timezone are you anyway? :confused:
  9. EST Right now :)
  10. Ohhhh ok...
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  11. How about instead of giving a rude comment, you give them advice on how to make it better.
  12. Sorry, grammar Nazi me decided to take over my computer :p
  13. Haha Thanks, I made it right before school real fast so Lemme fix that thanks :)
  14. Me and Prince were Recording. (Well he was) He is uploading this episode for this time right now. Its rendering. He will post it for us :) The Sound should be way better this time because he plugged it in :)
  15. Note: this one won't have a thumbnail for a bit.
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  16. Awesome! :D
  17. Great work Haha
  18. Bumpy We will record soon, I did not have School today so I guess Prince did :p
  19. yeah.... i'll be the one laughing at you this monday xD