[Lets Play] Team Fortress 2 With Demon

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft. I have started a Lets Play of TF2! Woohoo
    All I can say for now is "dis gun b gud"
    I have installed Steam and made an account as well ad installed TF2.
    I don't know much about TF2 so if you could tell me some tricks or how to not be an idiot that would help :p
    I hope you all will Enjoy this series as much as I will!

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  2. Also I did 1 training course so I wasn't a complete idiot when it came to playing ;)
  3. dis gon b gud MLP.jpg

    oh, oh, please, please, tell me the IP of the server you're playing on, PLEASE.
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  4. You started a lets play? This a youtube thing? Maybe I could join you on a game sometime?
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  5. I may play sooonn.... (Friday-Monday)
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