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  1. As Smp7 gets more and more obnoxious to play on everyday with the unbearable lag, and how much I miss vanilla I decided to go play Singleplayer. Since no one can see my creations I wanted to share it through the power of recording. Sorry for the audio, I need a better filter on my mic and my computer is kinda - crappy. So bear with it for the first episode if you can! Maybe you'll get a laugh at how bad it was if anything :p
  2. Are you able to record during our lets play? :)
  3. Yeah with my new PC, if I don't get a new one I probably won't because if you watch my video the quality is terrible..
  4. Good job talking to yourself for 15 minutes sam ;)
  5. I just said it was a mistake in the video, I do it normally ;)
  6. Haha dont worry im on a macbook...mac buddies! Lol no homo there
  7. third episode- ender farm? uh sam... you notice you need ender pearls for that? :p
  8. 2nd episode - get ended pearls
  9. I can tell I will be excited for this series xD
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