[Let's Play] Minecraft with Ninja and Minner!

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  1. Hey guys,

    So, I've begun recording a let's play series with Theminner333. Yes, we are recording right here, on EMC, and in this very first episode we try to explain a few of the features. Throughout the series we hope to encounter Marlix/Momentus and show them off. Also, there may be very mild language in the videos we upload. It's all EMC allowed, but we understand that some may not be comfortable with it.

    If you have any suggestions/constructive criticism, feel free to post, we're open to everything you guys have to say. :)

    With that being said, here's episode 1! :D
  2. Which smp are they being filmed on?
  3. Get rid of Minner! I hate that kid.......
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  4. Ummm i think you'll find out eventually, but unless ninja wants to, keep it secret.
  5. Is totes stage bro
  6. I know which one it is, I was hunting with BanditLM for 2 hours xD
  7. Yeah i saw you on :p
  8. If you need any help... I'd love to come out and be on U-tube :D
  9. I'm actually thinking of doing a whole other series, where I start an outpost and many people join me (application process), so that more people who want to be in videos have the opportunity to. :)
  10. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way... >_>
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  11. :p
  12. smp6 my friend
  13. I think you need more fov to put on your fov, cuz we herd u liked alot of fov. Otherwise good luck :)