[Let's Play] Minecraft with erose

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  1. Hey everyone! Join me on my adventures in a singleplayer world as we explore, adventure, and build all the things! This is a different let's play style then my other series, so any feedback is appreciated.

    Episode 1: Zombie Apocalypse
    In this episode I start off my adventures and build my first starter house in the middle of a zombie apocalypse!
  2. I love all your Let's Play! Videos! Keep up the good work! =)
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  3. Aww thanks :D
  4. Yay, episode two is ready! Enjoy some delicious chicken and waffles.
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  5. I'm excited to show you guys my other animal pens :p
  6. Episode 3! Enjoy a wheat farm in yo face!
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  7. Episode 4 is ready! Coooows!
  8. Episode 5! Nether tree in yo face!

  9. Go home youtube.
  10. Horses!
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  11. Enchanted well of magic and stuffz
  12. Bacon! I mean cute little piggies.
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  13. 101 Sub Special! Thanks! <3
  14. Oh, Snap! Minecraft 1.7 snapshot is out!