(Lets Play) Minecraft With Demon!

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  1. Hey Emc, yes its me again. I have started a new series that I hope all of you will like. Lets Play Minecraft with Demon! Yeyyyyy (Heres distant claps).
    Any ideas are helpful for it and a friend might come online with me once in a while to spice things up. The series will end once I defeat the ender dragon and maybe more to come. Because Mojang has so much in store for all of us! I hope you enjoy!
    Also, if a video has no thumbnail thats youtubes problem because they sometimes are really fast or slow when you make your own thumbnail for it. So dont blame me if you watch it with just a random image for the thumbnail and then come back and a thumbnail is there >.<

    Lets Play Minecraft With Demon #1 The Beginning

  2. Just thought a human AutoCorrect was necessary ;3

    Please... For the love of God, use a different logo... I simply hate that old MC logo ;-;

    Anyway, gonna watch it in a minute. Gonna change into sweatpants and get my headphones. I expect to be amused/pleased.
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  3. Do I have to add the ' .
    Anyways, if the logo is thaaaat bad I can change it. Remember. This is the 1st episode >.<
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  4. You know how I react to improper grammar... ;-;

    Maybe use a custom logo. Using a generic one is seen too often by me. Also, it'll help you get more viewers as they'll know you're not just a kid who can copy and paste from Mojang. They'll know you're a kid who can copy and paste from the Internet. \o3o/ All in all, I think you should use a computer-generated/hand-drawn-and-touched-up logo instead of just a plain old "Minecraft" logo.

    I expect greater things from you, DeemunTunderTeaForFyve. You disappoint me. *puts head in hands for shame effect*
  5. Lets Play Minecraft with Demon #2
    (I hope you like this one better. It is I guess better then the first one :))
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  6. I love the second logo, but i also liked the first. Great job on making it!
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  7. Hey i love this demon great idea
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  8. I like this!!!!!! Do more Demon
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  9. Thanks! Also GooDumb, I will be using the second thumbnail from now on because it is more original :)
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  10. DeemunTunder. Gimme your Skype name so we can record together \o3o/
    EDIT: Finally got around to watching the video. What in God's name is your age. You legitimately sound like you're 7. ._____________.
  11. Demon, you should make a mansion out of bricks and stone! It would look epic. Anyway, keep up the good work Demon!
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  12. Lets Play Minecraft With Demon #3 Cave of Ores
    (I'm going to use this thumbnail from now on)
  13. oh, the chats we've had after watching Demon & I play Transformice...
    Anyway, I'll share contact details with you if you want ;3


    Ahem... Episode #3
    Thumbnail #2
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  14. Oh god I just saw that. (Thats for waking up at 6 am Demon >.<)
  15. *clapclapclapclapclapclap* (don't worry, it's 6AM here too)
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  16. Lets Play Minecraft #4 Witch!
  17. Also, someone had told me to build a Castle, So in the episode I will record, I will build one :)
  18. Just a hint that you may want to use similar thumbnails per series as it cna get hard to associate which videos are in each series.
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  19. This loks really cool and I like the logo!
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