[Let's Play] Magicite with jay2a and SILVERMAN2

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  1. For any of you who play Magicite, this video contains potential spoilers.

    I found out about a game called Magicite about a month ago, and it's a very fun game right now. I decided to start making videos about it. I'll upload more videos of the Magicite gameplay, if this turns out to be worth making more videos.

    Sorry about the Bandicam watermark and the lack of commentary, I have better recording software that allows me to use my microphone, and it doesn't have a watermark. However, that recording software lags the crap out of any game I play, so I went with a free version of Bandicam.

    If you're wondering why my Youtube name is Jim Jimson, that was a fake name my brother made up that I just decided to use as my Youtube account.
    Anyway, if you have any comments or complaints, just post below.
  2. Bump. I'd like to know if this is worth doing more videos.