[Let's Play] Indev Minecraft!

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  1. I go back to the old days in the Tardis and explore Indev Minecraft :p
    (There may be some harsh language as the save system is kinda annoying)

  2. Reserved For extra Embedding :p
  3. Reserved For extra Embedding :p
  4. Man, the way the player runs is so funny! Is there a mod that makes the player move like that in the current version if Minecraft, I should check.

    Anyways nice start to the series, however just a small suggestion although it isn't entirely necessary you could cut the saving bits out of the video to make the gameplay consistent throughout the video :)
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  5. Thanks I kinda though this to be an original Idea :p I feel that the saving bits add to my Anger as well so I may keep those :p

    Anyways Episode 2 is in the OP now :D
  6. next objective, find the far lands.
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  7. I was thinking of getting full Iron then traveling far and wide, anyway great suggestion I will probably end up doing that :p
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  8. I thought indev was just 512x512 blocks and Infdev was infinite?
  9. This looks cool! :D
  10. Really anyways I'll only have to travel less than .5k
    Indeed :p
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