[Let's Play] IcecreamCow Plays Dishonored

Discussion in 'Share Your Let's Plays and Other Videos!' started by IcecreamCow, Sep 18, 2013.

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  2. ICC playing one of my favorite games.... :D
  3. I'm enjoying it so far. I can tell I'm going to like it. :)
  4. Going to give this a friendly bump. :)
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  5. I have no idea what you are talking about, Jeremy. I meet up with little girls under bridges all of the time.
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  6. you have such an epic voice its so awesome =)
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  7. I am a proud subscribe to OBAMgaming
  8. umm... play some newer games..
  9. Thank you. It sounds awkward to me, but I guess everyone's own voice probably does to them. Now I know I'm epic. :D

    Its new to me. :)
  10. Wow Nice job Cow :)
  11. true...
  12. I need part 3 to come out because this is so much fun to watch!
  13. Jeremy… why you be crushin unconscious people in giant metal sliding doors?
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  14. Why You such a downer :(
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  15. Thanks guys. Glad you're enjoying watching it. I've been super mega sick past few days and stuck in bed for the most part...but I feel I'm getting betterish and should hopefully be able to throw some more of these out this week (in between my GTA 5 time of course :p).
  16. Hope you get better! (so I can watch videos, not so you feel better :p jk)
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  17. How long has this been here?! oAo
    I love Dishonored so much :p
    It's just about the only 'violent' game I'm into, not to mention the amazing story
  18. Since the 18th. :p
  19. Not that long then, I might have just missed this while scrolling around the site
    Anyway, have a new subscriber :p