[Let's Play] EMC with erose and Maxarias

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  1. Hey guys welcome to the EMC with erose and Maxarias thread! Join us on our adventure as erose and Maxarias play on EMC and form a wild community on Utopia and visit other EMC servers and fight all the things, rawr!

    Don't forget to leave your comments and suggestions in this thread or on the videos! <3

    Episode 1: Trees!
  2. :D Another series :D Sorry if I was bothering you while you were recording
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  3. If max finds more kitties, get nick to kill make them mysteriously disappear...
  4. I will get supporter just so that I can go in the wild and kill the cats help them out.
  5. Wrong nick, but okay! :p
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  6. I will still kill help them.
  7. Free advertisements in ero's videos xD
    at 16:10 :p
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  8. Naw, you were fine :)
  9. Great start of this series...very funny :)
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  10. Oh and as I said in the chat,
    You + Max shall play Aether II, the amount of deaths.... I love it already :D
  11. I was thinking about playing an Aether II series but I heard it's really laggy and the dungs are kind of broken at the moment. The lag is what is making my kind of stay away from it right now until they fix it because lag + fraps makes a bad video lol.
  12. There are some really cool stuff built around our house! :p How many people are living around there now? I'm thinking I should make a conversation with all of us so we can make some plans for the community. :)