[Let's Play] Cube World with erose!

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  1. Hello everyone, I just got this game and it is currently in alpha but it has a ton of stuff already in it. Cube World is voxel-based exploration RPG. The game was inspired by Minecraft, Zelda,World of Warcraft and many others. So let me know what you think of this series and if you want to see more of it. :)

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  2. :O I so want this. It makes me think of a game for PS3 I had called 3D Dot Game Heroes
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  3. Yeah the game is really awesome so far! I never played 3D Dot Game Heroes but from the screen shots it does look a lot like this game. :D
  4. Great now when I get $20 I have to pick from diamond or this game.
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  5. Another Let's Play?! :eek: So. Many. Episodes. To. Watch.
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  6. I don't regret it! Plus is has muli player, I'm excited for more people to get it and play with them :p

    Haha, yeah. Are you enjoying them or do you think I should slow it down?
  7. Reminds me of minecraft.
  8. Keep up the good pace ;)
  9. what a terrible starting seed
    when can I join in? I've been waiting for this game for half a year and even started a thread about it coming out (it quickly turned in to a what is cube world thread and then into a bit of a war)
    im already a lvl 4 warrior so if you want some help i can give it
  10. I remade my character, I'm a mage now. Mages seem awesome. I'm running around trying to kill blue things to level up lol. If we play multi player do we get to keep our items and levels or..?
  11. yes you keep your items and such, like terriana your entire character info and skills and items transfer over to multiplayer and new single-player worlds.
    also blue health bar=friendly red bar=not friendly white name is weaker than you blue is same level orange is slightly tougher than you and red is.. you better have a pet and potions and some friends to kill it
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  12. Hey everyone, a lot of you have been asking about Cube World, so I decided to make a quick guide on getting started in the game. I have been playing a lot so I know more of the things! Enjoy :)

  13. Hmm once I get around to watching these I might buy the game....
  14. That would be awesome you can play multi player with up to 4 people so it would be awesome to get a group of people together to play with :)
  15. I made a short video playing with my family we went on an adventure searching for bosses and dungeons!

  16. You're so lucky!
    I want to see MORE, MORE, MORE! :p
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  17. Thinking about livestreaming some Cube World tonight, if anyone is interested! :)
  18. More Cube World
  19. Sorry for bumping old thread but do you still do this? Im a lvl...600 odd mage and play too much, you guys up for mp?
  20. Yeah I still play maybe we could get an emc group for an episode :)