[Let's Play] Aether II with erose!

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  1. Hey everyone! A lot of you have been asking me for awhile to play some Aether II so here it is! :D
    Aether II: Genesis of the Void is a Minecraft mod that is currently in Alpha. It adds a sky dimension to Minecraft with it's own items, animals, and hostile mobs. Join me on my adventures into the Aether.

    This series may contain some mature language.

    Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWXmk6IQxL24tEtVK2JnVC8UmuoH298l7

    Episode one: This isn't Heaven
  2. OMG YES!

    Edit: You die.... ALOT... :p
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  3. Haha, yes Aether mobs are mean. I will get some gear soon and die a lot less :D
  4. I love it :D
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  5. Yay, glad you like it :)
  6. When is episode 2 up??? :D
  7. Bunnnnnnies!
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  8. Make healing stones, put holystone with ambroseum in the altar :D might keep you from dying/being close to death :D
  9. Haha I'll give it a shot. Those Zephyrs are my least favorite mob ever haha
  10. Lol...
  11. Mehbe episode 3??? :D
  12. Episode 3 will probably come out tomorrow :D

    But for tonight Hexxit just came out :)
  13. No episode 3 yetz? D:
  14. Rending now, so should be up soon! This next episode is awesome! :D
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  15. Fresh from the oven! In this episode I show you some of the things I have been work on in my Aether II world and we also take our first steps into an Aether dungeon!
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  16. Forever Alone xD

    OMG you should LP FTB :D

    Im just adding comments throughout the episode....

    Rings break just by walking around, they are useless.... as far as I know anyways.

    And I shall suggest setting up a base camp near the enterance of the dungeon to hold all your goodies you get :)
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  17. Yeah, I am having a ton of fun playing FTB Unleashed (yay, no gregtech). I will probably do a series on it if a lot of people are interested in seeing it. :D
  18. Maybe make the portal closer to your house....it will be faster after when you die lol