Lets Nuke SMP2!

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Do you think you will come to the NukeParty?

Yes 12 vote(s) 57.1%
No 6 vote(s) 28.6%
Duh? 3 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. So, I've decided to host an EMC-wide contest, where the physical event will be on SMP2, at res 4202.

    I am currently waiting on 5-12 stacks of TNT from my favorite moderator, R0bbieJo.

    As soon as I get this, I will launch the contest.

    Here are the rules:
    1. This is a building contset
    2. You may use only dirt and wooden doors to build
    3. Nothing inappropriate
    4. Nothing that prevents other place from building his/her own creation

    I will judge all entries, along with 2 or 3 other supporters that are well known through out EMC.

    I will be handing out 3 prizes.

    Grand prize: 5000r
    2nd prize: 2500r
    3rd Prize: 1000r

    After all entries have been judged, and awards have been given, I will place the 12 stacks of tnt through out my res and proceed to nuke the absolute hell out of the place. Everything will be demolished.

    What are my goals:

    Fill an EmpireMinecraft Server with 60 people for the first time in a couple of months
    Have a shoot-ton of fun
    Make some people happy
    See if we can crash the server (ICC? Any tips?)

    Donations are accepted. IF you donate, half will go towards upping the prizes, half will go towards the purchase of TNT. Let me know if you want to donate or supply me with TNT. I will be supplying dirt to competitors.
  2. If this is the only way to fill the server, I'll join:D
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  3. Ahaha yeah...I hope we can do it!
  4. but what happens if the server crashs and don't save the world? if someone rebuilds his house and everything gets lost? or if you blow your neighbor's res up, too?
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  5. one time ICC blew up allot of tnt the server didn't crash
  6. but not 12 stacks at one time!
  7. XD
  8. tnt can only damage the residence it is set off in, just like chicken eggs only work in your res.
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  9. Wrong.
    TNT can damage town property, and other res's with TNT set to true.

    This "nuke" party is a stupid idea (in my opinion) and I hope the mods take some action AGAINST it. If on the chance that you guys do get to follow through with this, I advise all diamond members to set their res to /res set tnt false.

    Please take this into consideration.

  10. PenguinDJ, I did this a few months ago at the same res with 7 stacks and nothing happpened. Absolutely nothing. And there were a couple mods there too!
  11. tnt is set to false on all town property, so yeah. and if tnt is set to true in another persons res, you would have to set it off there to do damage, they have tested stuff like this, to prevent tnt cannonings and the like.
  12. Alright guys, I've run into a bump in the road. R0bbieJo does not have enough TNT to make this happen. Does anyone out there have a few stacks I could buy?
  13. That was a PM by Aikar because my TNT disappeared. Key words are that it could damage the street.
  14. It seems the Mods are alright with this, seeing as there is like 5 on the site atm and they haven't said anything.
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  15. Agreed.
    I am just stating my opinion...
  16. What is the duh option supposed to mean?

    Duh, of course!
    Duh, no way!
  17. problem solved?
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  18. yes
  19. Bump! Guys, I really need TNT for this to work out. Thanks!
  20. I can provide a stack, maybe 2 but definitely 1
    How much would you pay