Let's fix SMP3's wild!

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  1. Hello EMC community.

    So as you all know the server gets complaints about the state of the wild ALL the time. I remember way back in February, March & May when people would say 'I fell down a hole in the wilderness and now I need my diamonds back!'.

    I've noticed that alot of wilderness peeps are doing their best to clear up the wilderness but people keep on taking their resources. They've done a good job with their bridges...

    But with Smp3's low player count there aren't really any bridges. So this is why i'm making this thread, because I used to live in the wild but the journey's I had to make (sometimes dying in the process) were too dangerous so I just became a town dweller. Let's fix the wild!

    This "event" will be running from 3rd August to 15th August, and you must bring all of the cobble, dirt, and other almost useless resources to help fix the wild of smp3.
    We'll be covering up lava patches with cobble, building bridges high enough to be kind to the boaters and attempting to cover up some of the weird field with the trees and the cave entrances and the invisible holes (that are there but you see them at the last minute.
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  2. This would be very hard to do. You would need alot of tools for breaking random blocks, and alot of dirt to cover up deep holes. Good Luck.
  3. *The next day, the wild is back to being full of holes.*

    No matter what you do, it will just be put back to how it was.
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  4. It's worth a try :p
  5. I started a path south not to long ago so if people could extend it please
  6. this is why periodic wild resets are necessary
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