Lets Build Achievement City

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  1. i am planning on building achievement city from acievment hunters minecraft lets plays with gavin jack geoff ryan and micheal.

    If any of you are interested in building it on my utopia residence you can help or want to donate you can.

    5132 on utopia is the res

    heres a video showing the basic achievment city, missing dark achievment city and jack's statue
    will be making those https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbwVgF_PvNU
  2. Sorry but...

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  4. wait do you think its a bad idea or something
  5. Dangit Tayla!
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  6. No... I think it'll be a cool idea, I was just placing the [INSERT WAT MEME HERE] for Mindlegokid
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  7. Well, Alyattayla and I were just using the meme as Mindlegokid said. :p

    EDIT: AGAIN TAYLA!! :mad:
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  8. I was actually planning on doing something like this.
  9. it would be awesome! just will take forever to build, i am going to build the achievment hunter "hub" with the logo and houses

    maybe even dark achievment city on my utoipa residence
  10. Ok, watched a few videos of dem'. It looks like the whole world is le city is that what you intend to build it just the centre of it?
  11. Er.
  12. You are correct just the center but this video is older and they are missing some things in the center

    Gavin's chamber of victory jacks statue and the dark achievement city

    Glad you watched the vids
  13. Is it possible to get a sponge block, I need it as rays tower holder block
  14. Nope.