Lets build achievement city update

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  1. So guys here's an update on the achievement city progress

    With my temp ban things have been set back a little, but my twin brother mc_g26 has just joined emc and is gathering materials. I need to give him build flags when I get done with my temp ban

    I have downloaded schematica, (it is in the approved mod list). Now I have found an achievement city server that is up to date and am hoping to join that server to get the schematic of the central hub of the city. This server is the only one updated with jacks statue.

    The application process on this site is very lengthy and hard so I can't get on the server to get the schematic yet.

    Once I get it ill know exactly how much materials I need to build this and exactly where to place the blocks.

    Then I will start building.

    Please help support this project :)

    Original post

    "i am planning on building achievement city from acievment hunters minecraft lets plays with gavin jack geoff ryan and micheal.

    If any of you are interested in donating you are more than welcome to

    5132 on utopia is the res, donation hopper is there

    heres a video showing the basic achievment city, missing dark achievment city and jack's statue
    will be making those https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbwVgF_PvNU"
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  2. It's 5132 on utopia
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  3. You guys should support this if not watch achievement hunter
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  4. Bump
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  5. You don't need support or anything to build some huge creation. Waiting for support/donations will only slow the project down. If you really want to build this, then start mining on your own and working hard on it. :p Also, because of your cheating/xray, not many people would want to support you
  6. Don't worry we are not waiting we are getting prepared with schematics and hoping people donate as we go
  7. So I'm Just going to say this once, and give this thread a bump after getting rid of nearly all of its posts. The player has been punished for his wrong doings. If you do not have anything to add to the original post, do not say anything, its that easy. This is not a place for people to argue about how someone did, or did not break a rule, that has been handled, if this continues it will justify further disciplinary actions to ALL parties.