Let me tell you a story [early 2 year celebration and giveaway]

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  1. Let me tell you all a story..

    One day there was a noob.
    He plays on minecraft servers and one day was searching for another one. He found a cool looking server called Empire Minecraft. He types in the IP and then connects on his dad's old dell laptop.

    The noob marvels at the the glowstone lamps around him, the paved roads and other plots around him. He goes to bed and the next day joins again. He hangs out with the friendly community. He plays on that server every single day. He makes friends. He builds things. He spends time and money with that server.

    7 months passed...

    Mojang comes out with the name change update. The noob is away from the server he loves. He changes a name and sees the future of his EMC experience. He changes his name (to PercyPotter4000)
    and asks the small community of the Pixelmon server he plays on if they remember who he was. The one person who responds to his inquiry says..

    "I don't but I don't care..."

    The Noob returns to the server under another alias. The community is quiet and nobody remembers him. The noob sees that there is no reason to stay. He leaves. He plays TF2. He forgets about the server. and doesn't play for a long time...

    This brings us to today..

    The noob remembers it's his 2 year anniversary on the server. And that same noob remembers that on that same server there are still people who remember who he once was...


    Hey guys. I've found another server that is similar to this one albeit much smaller. It's addicting and like July 24th, 2014 all over again. You probably won't be seeing me in-game ever again.

    Also, a randomly chosen person who comments on this thread will recieve 8k.
  2. I forgot to put a poll on this thread.. it was if you remember who I was. Put your answer in a comment if you could. Thanks
  3. Hey mate! Don't leave because people forgot who you was, don't let your "fake" friends ruin what can be an amazing experience. Come on over to smp3 [/server smp3 or smp3.emc.gs] and I'd gladly be your friend! Just don't let other people get to you and ruin what could be a great experience.
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  4. PercyPotter4000, eh? I'd remember you more if you weren't constantly changing your name, colepuncher. :p Anyway, we'll miss you here on EMC. Whether or not you think it, you are remembered (though to me, always as cole). I hope that you continue to visit once in a while and enjoy plenty of happiness and success with the new server.

    Best of luck with your future endeavors. I'll miss you.