Let Me Introduce Myself.

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  1. I've Only Been Playing on This Server For About 2 Days.
    But i've come to like it a lot! I have some friends and a shop (My shop mostly sells food, and Potions)
    Well, I don't really know what else to talk about so... Yeah!

    Anyways my residence number is 4055, If you wanted to know.

    PS: I'm looking for new workers at my shop, so if you need some rupees to get started with
    I'll pay you 10 rupees per 10 minutes of farming. Hopefully i'll have more jobs soon!

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  2. Welcome to the Empire!! I hope to get to know you a little better when I get back to smp2 :)
  3. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  4. Welcome to SMP2~The best server ever! :D I hope you enjoy your time here, and I'm sure you'll see me around. ;)
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  5. um... im not shure if this is a complement but i dont beleive you have been on 2 days since you are member not new member because you must have been liked a lot LOL
  6. Well to bad I can't get on EMC to get you started with things and say a proper welcome but I hope you have fun here and trust me smp2 is the best :)
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  7. Btw the way magical_force this was posted on may 18th and it's the 24 th today :) but who cares :)
  8. Thanks Guys! But BTW magical_force, I only got popular because when I first joined I played all day for saturday and sunday.
  9. ah.. that explains it
  10. Posting once and referral trophies are enough to get member instead of new member.
  11. Yes...
    Your status on the site only has to do with trophy points. Those can be acquired via posts and likes.
  12. WRONG! It is cool tomatoes!

    Anyways welcome to the Empire!
  13. uhhh dude can you delete that annoying thing below your comment? Anyways thanks!
  14. People are free to put anything within the rules in their signature. For a destroyr of evil you want to infringe of someone's rights.
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  15. I Agree With Mage Put Something Evil In Your Signature
  16. Like me xD