Lesser people on the servers/ People Quitting

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  1. I recently noticed this issue of very little people on the severs, when i typed this, there was like 10 people in each server. When i joined like 3 months ago, the servers were booming with people and life and sometime in the morning when i want to play the server will be filled to it capacity and only until I refresh several time than i would see that someone had left the server and would quickly try to join. But now when i join each server regardless of the time the chat is dead, with not as many people as before.
    I also recently noticed the high amount of members quitting, perhaps it has eventually caused the decrease in people in the server. There are also lesser new members, i used to like see at least 2/3 people join everyday on my home server , smp9, but now i would see 1/2 people join everyday and sometime 0.

    WHY ARE PEOPLE QUITTING? EMC apparently became too boring? Your good EMC friend is quitting too? Or " Wow, everyone is quitting! I should too?" Whenever I see a post like " I am leaving EMC" my heart would sink, but i couldnt change anything, so i would always wish them the best. But surely and hopefully, one day their mind would change and they will come back? Thats what most mods/admins, EMC members and I would hope. One day they might realize that EMC is the best server you could find.

    But as a fellow EMC member/friend, I wish that I wont see anyone leaving without a real good and valid reason, and more people on the servers too. With that, I am going to think of ways to make more people online on the servers.
  2. Actually I see a lot of people join everyday, but still it's not showing on server to have more people. It's like most of them just log-in once and then they quit..
  3. A. No updates recently, Makes lots of people less eager to play.

    B. Diablo III, I imagine quite a few peole are playing that.
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  4. I myself fall into the category of not playing on EMC as much anymore.
    There are multiple reasons for that.

    First of all, Minecraft needs inspiration and motivation to build or do something. You don't play it, just for the sake of playing, at least I don't. In the last weeks I simply don't got any nice ideas I'd want to realize in MC.

    Then there's D3 as Josh mentioned. I'm one hell of a Blizzardjunkie and I played D2 for several years. It's pretty timeconsuming to play in the last difficulty if you don't have to much time to besiege the auctionhouse.

    But my greatest problem would be that my brother lost interesst in EMC. It's understandable, as his english is pretty bad(we're from germany and he sucks in school^^). He don't understand to much of the chatting in the town. And if you don't understand to much of the peoples talk around you, there's no point playing with them. He got increasingly interessted in hungergames and plays it with a bunch of his friends constantly. My sister doesn't play as much MC anymore too. To come back to my point, playing with my siblings was the most important reason for me, to buy the game. Playing without them is much less fun.

    I still log in regularly, 'cause I put quite some work in my res. Not to much, but I like the design of my walls :> It took me hours to find a style I like xD And I still have hope that my brother joins again to play with me on a more regular basis :)

    Right now, IF I'm playing minecraft, it's mostly trying out the most recent snapshot, messing around with some mods or joining for a round or 2 in my brothers hungergames.

    If I have a great idea for some build, you can bet I'll be back ;P (lol it rhymes xD)
  5. It is summer break. Lost of people going on vacations - doing more stuff outside in the nice weather.

    All online games suffer declines in the early summer - not just MC, and definitely not just EMC.
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  6. I suffered from the d*mn exam :mad:
    So I leave EMC :(... temporary ;)
  7. you would also have to put into perspective of what time frame most on here play on, which is US time (i don't know where you are from or where you live) but you posted this thread when i myself was still sleeping, so, maybe you're getting on more and more when people are either sleeping/working/or out and about doing vacation things. i could be wrong. though, i have noticed many people leaving, but i have not noticed the decline in people online. i've noticed a ton of new members though, not reading the guide, being annoying, spamming chat. /chat off seems to be what i do every day. lol
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  8. Singapore... 9.46pm here but really I log on everytime everyday. And I play at least 6 hours everyday
    Smp9 really doesn't have alot of new members joining but I saw 1 today