LeoV's 1 year promo hunt/rupee giveaway!

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  1. Hello all,
    Today, I have been on EMC for 1 year!
    To celebrate, I will be hosting a promo hunt and a rupee giveaway!

    I will be hosting a promo hunt, starting at 11AM (EMC time) tonight, on res 17408, smp8. There will be a range of promos, valuable to cheap.

    GIVE AWAY #1
    1st of all, There will be an in-game giveaway. There will be a quiz with 22k to giveaway (Donations will be added to the giveaway) after the promo hunt. This will be hosted at res 6686 on smp3.

    GIVE AWAY #2
    The second give away will be hosted on this thread. All you have to do is comment saying why you like EMC/your favourite feature. There will be another 30k to give away here too, and will be split between 3 players (1st: 20k, 2nd: 15k, 3rd: 10k) Donations may change this.

    Donations will be greatly appreciated, and they will all go towards the giveaways. Thanks!
    -DoctorMadFate/MisterChaotic donated 25k
    -LadBlo donated 10k
    -ThaKloned donated 25k

    Complaining that you didn't get anything will get you a res ban. This is just a celebration for fun and not everyone is guaranteed to win a prize. Please be respectful.

    From the first day, to now, I've loved EMC. The part that has kept me here is mainly the community. Everyone here is kind and helpful, thank you everyone for all your help and support.

    1st place: FWRonald (Wins 20k)
    2nd place: Crazy_TJ (Wins 15k)
    3rd place: ObscureGolem (Wins 10k)
  2. Happy 1 year! Sadly i have school on these ingame events. :(
    But I hope everyone who goes haves a great time!

    I like the mini-bosses as a feature of EMC and the unique promos ! :D
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  3. Looks very nice leo, I will not be able to make the in game stuff but :(
    I like the play your way and the unique feel of emc.
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  4. Happy 1 year! I love the community most of all! Always so nice and helpful :D
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  5. Time has been changed to 11AM Emc time! Hope more can come.
  6. Congratulations on 1 year! However, 11 am is 11 at night for me, so I can't make it :(


    1) I love the EMC community and how most people (not saying everyone) Are polite, and kind, considerate, and supportive.

    2) Favourite feature--- custom mobs.
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  7. If my parents allow me, I might come. Just need coffee and I'm set.

    Why I like EMC: Community, and the random marriages (Still safe for now)

    Favourite feature: Custom Mobs, although if there was a marriage system, that would win.
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  8. Congratulations! I wish you another pleasant and fun year on EMC.

    I love EMC because it fits my personality to a T. It does its best to be helpful to those in need. (I'm referring to the community of course, because emc wouldn't be emc if it didn't have the players that it does)

    Favorite feature? Promos and other unique custom items the devs design.
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  9. Congratsss! cx

    I like the promos (obviously, I mean, who doesn't) and the vault system cx
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  10. Cuz we're going to a hunt!

    I love EMC and my favorite feature is the economy system.
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  11. Ill be there for sure ;)

    EDIT:: Didn't read OP that well, congrats on one year man!

    Favorite feature, heck its the fact we have residences and promos.
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  12. Rupee prizes upped! Thank you all for donating!
  13. I love EMC! MY most liked feature has to be the frontier. I love that i can build in the wild without a prominent threat of grief or resets
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  14. I like the fact that I can go out into the wild then come back and take a breather from all that fuss to the Town. It makes EMC a unique experience which is why i love this server.
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  15. I like emc because I have a lot of awesome friends in here, and the community is the BEST.

    My favorite feature is The custom mobs.
    Even they're hard to beat they are pretty fun to kill with a group of friends.
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  16. Thank you all for coming! Remember to enter giveaway 2 for more rupees!
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  17. Happy one year on EMC LeoV. Hope you are around for many more. :) My favorite part of EMC is both the frontier and play your way. :D
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  18. Congrats on 1 Year Leo!
    My favorite features are the economy system and all the fun events.
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  19. Congrats!

    I like the grief proof residence feature most of all.
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  20. Thank you all for the nice comments!
    Also, giveaway 2 is still going! Get posting if you haven't already.
    Edit: No alternate accounts please. :)