Leo's Puzzle v2.0 - Ready for launch

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    • Anyone caught trying to block glitch, even ONE TIME, will be banned from the game and from my shop. Said player will forfeit any ticket purchase price.
    • Anyone caught repeatedly trying to rapid break/glitch blocks to see what is behind, will also be banned from game and forfeit ticket.
    • This puzzle is FREE to play. But you must buy a ticket before you win, to be eligible for the prize.
    • Any Player who buys the winning voucher at the end who did not buy a ticket will be banned from the game and from my shop.
    • Players may purchase one, or more tickets but are only able to win one prize.
    • This is a competitive event. Players may choose to work with or against other players. Any Players caught harassing or threatening other players will be banned from the game and from my shop then reported to a mod.
    • If you afk or stand on a key area(pressure plate for example) for more than a few minutes, I will temp ban you to move you.
    • I hold the right to boot anybody that I feel deserves it. ANY and ALL requests to ban somebody, unless they directly violated the rules, will be ignored.

    I, Leowaste, am starting the prize at 20,000r. I am selling tickets for 3,500r. THIS WILL NOT make me money. Every ticket sold goes toward the prize. Any amount over the starting prize amount will be added to the prize.

    Starting prize: 20,000r
    13 People buy tickets: 45,500r
    Total prize = 45,500r


    35 people buy tickets = 122,500r!

    If you wish to donate a large amount to the prize, you can do so buy sending payments to: Leoswaste. Please note the added "s" in that name. This alt will start at zero rupees, thus any balance after completion will result in full payment to the winner. Big contributions will be noted in the video that is being made.

    This puzzle is starting at res 3546 on SMP2

    That is 3546, NOT 3456. I can not respond to 20 people in chat this time because they went to the wrong res.

    Play nice people, and remember this. Every single stage has been tested and able to be beat by a single player. The Stages can also be beat by multiple players. This means there IS a solution, and just because you or your team can not figure it out, does not mean it is un-beatable. I hope to have this done and finished within a couple hours. But if no one beats it and I have to log off for any length of time, the contest continues but without my supervision. This means the glitchers will win very fast after I leave....so try hard. Because most people are only honest if they are being watched.

    I will attempt to prove updates on the total prize as we go along.

    This event starts at 4:30PM CST. That is ~45min from now.

    Thank you for you time and HAVE FUN!
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  2. Looks like tons of fun!
    I'll be there :)
  3. 10 minutes! Prize is currently at 21,000r
  4. OH MY GOD YES! I hope theres a sabotage one like last time that was a hell of a lot of fun!!!
  5. 35k is current prize
  6. Grr. I hate Java SE6. Needs to install
  7. MasterMockery has won the 60k prize! Congratz :p

  8. What a crazy final :D
    I was standing at the gap of the last jump, i was just about to jump, but MasterMockery just came from behind and ran right over me and did the jump in style, Good Game, Well Played to all participants!
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  9. Upload the videos you recorded :)?
  10. I will, have some editing to do to shortin it