Leo's 24/7 Trade Shop

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  1. I never made a thread for my shop. I just updated all my prices, so what a better way to let people know...

    Now buying Stacks of logs for 79r. Coal, 32 for 67r. Wool, 5 for 10r. Sulphur, 8r/e. Tons more way to make money so come check it out! I just updated to buy most items for 1r less then what I sell it at. $$$$$$$
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  2. The dragon egg...
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  3. plz restock your tnt i need it :p and empty all your sandstone containers plz :)
  4. I cant find gunpowder to save my life lol. And I have 4 double chests for sandstone, once those are full i dont need more
  5. If it means anything, I endorse this. One of the best shops on smp2.
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  6. Leo how did u make such an epic picture..,
  7. It's called photo editing 101.
  8. How much is sandstone?
  9. I'm the one who sold those 4 double chests :p
  10. More room available to sell diamonds! Currently buying at 47r each!
  11. Could you empty out the pig spawn egg chest? I have a bunch and I can't get rid of them. XD
  12. This shop has received the CakeCo Incorporation seal of approval.
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  13. *Cough ;)

    One of my favorite stores on SMP2!
  14. My favorite store on EMC, to be honest.
  15. No more enchanted spades for you ;)
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  16. You're never in stock anyway :p
  17. That's cos I'm saving like ten for you D':
  18. Sure :)

    But let's stop spamming Leo's thread :)
  19. Wow Leo ur shop its...wow
  20. Dose anyone have a Good shop on smp7?:( Other than 14141(to glitchy)