Legit's weird history. (INTRO)

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  1. What is Legit's weird history? Legit's weird history is going to be a series of threads, talking about, weird history. I'll be talking about stuff from weird war stuff, to even conspiracy's#. I will also be taking suggestions from you guys, but please, nothing that will scare the living crap out of me, just by looking at a picture or reading about it. All suggestions must stick to the EMC rules, and if I don't do it, its because I think it will cause to much trouble. My first one MIGHT be about the Protect and Survive Cold war series. Please leave any feed back.
  2. -Apoligies-
    But maybe talk about cool facts about people in like the revolutionary war? Or like war heroes or cool stories about secret military stuff?
    EDIT: Maybe like cool stories about people and or animals who survived the war or the hollicost?
  3. Possibly.
  4. Maybe you could do like how people invented stuff or like how they discovered it aswell?
  5. Talk about secret goverment bunkers called D.U.M.B.s
  6. How about something on the "The British are coming" famous misquote.