Legit's tiny guide to TF2 trading.

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  1. I just started getting into trading, and I thought I would share some pointers on how to start. :)

    Ok, the most important thing you are going to need to know, is what 1, .33, .22, and .11 are.

    1: Any whole number from 1-9 means a refined metal. 1 means 1 refined, 2 mean two refined, and so on.

    .33: .33 means one reclaimed metal.

    .22 and .11: .11 means one scrap metal and .22 means two scrap. Scrap metal is the least of value in trading.

    Now, each weapon will have a quality. These are indicated by the colour of the items name.

    Strange: Strange weapons have an orange name. These will track kills on the weapon. They can only be found by uncrating them, or by trading.

    Unique: This is the most common quality of weapons, other than stock. Any weapon that you buy from the store or get from a random drop has this quality.

    Vintage: These are any weapons that were unique before the Mann-Conomy Update.

    Genuine: These are any weapons that were gotten from buying a game that had a sponsorship with TF2.

    More tips to come. Won't be getting into hats yet, haven't gotten myself into that. :)

  2. Don't forget "Unusual".
  3. That has to do with hats, and will be explained later. :)
  4. My brother, Mr. Crazy1800 is very big on the TF2 trading. He's generated well over 600 USD after starting with nothing. He tries to get me to play TF2 by buying me guns and stuff.

    So, from memory, a key is (on the low end) 3.33 ref - 3.55 ref (on the high end)
    An unpainted bill is 7 keys
    Team Spirit / White bill is 9 keys
    Black Bill is 10 keys
    Earbud is 34? keys.
    And there are some other promotional items that cost 2-4 buds, which are also used as currencies up to a certain point.

    Some virtual hats cost more than cars.
    (He'll probably see this thread and think I am an idiot because I got everything wrong.)If he does show up, hopefully he'll have some valuable insight into all of this "making money from virtual items" stuff.
  5. Now, lets compare vintage and strange weapons

    First off, lets compare a Strange FaN (Force a nature) and a vintage one.

    The average price of a strange FaN is .33, while a vintage one is averaged at .22-.33.

    Now for a Strange and vintage Brass beast.

    A strange Brass best will go for .33 most of the time, while a vintage one will go for 1.5-2 keys. (Keys are a whole different thing, and I will most likely NOT get into them.)

    Strange and vintage items prices will be different for almost EVERYTHING, as some stranges are more common than others, and same with vintage items.

    Now, most unique weapons will go for .11 each, as they are the most common.

    Now, if you ever need to know the price of an item, check this out.
  6. You can sell TF2 items for money??
  7. i thought that the Strange FaN was 0.66... I sold someone a Strange Shortstop for a strange FaN... A Strange Shortstop is worth 0.33...
    What is the most expensive item you have? Mine's probably a Strange Liberty Launcher...
  8. Keys: Aprox. 2.88+
    Buds: ~30 Keys
    Bill's Hat: 8.5-9 Keys
    Team Spirit: 4.00
    Team CAPTAIN ~2 Keys.
  9. Mind If i Make A Bigger Guide About this? I'm pretty Obsessed with TF2 XD
  10. I use the TF2 spreadsheet for prices, which are averaged out. My most expensive strange is my Medi gun.
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