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  1. *EMC at the moment*



    Ok people, lets calm down, and put the pitchforks down for a second.

    So tonight has been a wild ride, almost as wild as Mr Bone's Wild Ride, and I have decided I should share my opinion on all of this.

    Staff reform.

    Yup, I believe we could use a total staff reform, to help bring new blood to the staff by removing inactive/no longer useful staff, and replacing them with more active members of the community. I believe this should be done as a result of the current events, with some staff being demoted due to not being active or doing their part in the community. This would help the active staff by putting more active members into the role of staff, relieving them of the pressure they might have with less active staff.
  2. If I could like this a thousand times I would.
    *yells for Equinox*
  3. Those are some SNAZZY pitchforks man.
  4. I applaud the ASCII art.
  5. Thank you, I spent roughly 20 seconds on it. Those pitchforks are my masterpiece.
  6. Pros for tonight:

    Legit's Pitchforks