Legits grade 8 goal list.

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  1. Even I need goals.

    1. Don't fail
    2. Hopefully get a girlfriend
    3. Take over EMC Or become a mod...
    4. Get Sim City 5
    5. Get a Wii U

    More to come as I think of more. Hmm, only one has something to do with school...
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  2. How legit. Only 5 goals.... seems legit for someone called Mrlegitislegit.
    Maybe we'll see Mrslegitislegit?
  3. Possibly.
  4. One does not simply say "possibly"....
    ESPECIALLY Mrlegitislegit....
  5. Is Legitlly better.
  6. a
    at what?
  7. Best of luck. Especially that first 1 :)
  8. It's better except for the fact that you have incorrect punctuation :p
  9. Some of my laptops keys don't seem to work. I get this when I try to do a question mark: É

    If I'm using proper punctuation, I'm on my PC. If not, laptop.
  10. Oh I see.
  11. Your in 8th grade? I'm in 7th.
  12. Suggestion for add on to list: become a millionaire
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  13. I like your 3rd goal.
  14. I like how in the second sentence you go into punctuation mode :p