Legit's 600th day AMA!

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  1. So its been 600 days since I joined EMC, so, I want to do a AMA for it! I'm getting closer to two years on here, just 130 more days! :p So go ahead, ask me anything! :D
  2. What would Gordon Freeman do?
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  3. Crowbar stuff and be free.
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  4. What was it like when you first joined EMC
  5. The servers were always full, even Utopia was full a lot of the time.
  6. wow. now the servers are rarely full every day
  7. With Summer ending, it might come back.
  8. How did you get your MC username?

    Who's your favourite player on EMC?

    What did you have for dinner yesterday?

    Do you like pies?

    Do you like muffins?

    What's your funniest moment on EMC?
  9. What is your favorite video game?

    What is your favorite T.V. show.
  10. Who Was your first friend?
  11. Speech!!! hahaha
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  12. Wait, its your 600th day? I thought you were 600 YEARS old.
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  13. Roblox alt account




    Chocolate only

    Don't know :/


    Don't have one

    JediBrad. He has since quit EMC, wasn't on the forums from what I know.
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  14. At least you like one flavor...
  15. You didn't reply to my last post.
    Oh, and do you like the 1997 movie Titanic
  16. Don't really like movies like Titanic, but its a good movie overall
  17. what is the first 27 decimal digits of Pi?
  18. 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 8
  19. that's 26 decimal digits...
  20. That also was for legit to answer, not you