Legit reviews's Obstacle courses/Parkour

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  1. I've decided to review Parkour courses, as it seems they don't get a lot of time in the spotlight. First up, Random610, Mirac123ulix, and Jerrycusmood's Obstacle course!

    This in on SMP3, and res 6973. This course uses LOTS of teleports, making it fairy tricky You will need at least 3 people for this, and a max of 9. This costs NOTHING to do, so if you want a good time for free, hit them up! Now, its not really a eye pleaser, being made out of just wooden planks and cobble, but thats not important. It also includes a minefield, which even its maker has a hardtime getting thought. :p Now, for a rating.

    Fun factor: 4/5 I would suggest a few more things be put in.
    Prettiness: 2/5 Maybe use some stone bricks instead of cobble, or different types of planks.
    Price: 0/5 Costs nothing
    Overall: 4/5 Good work guys! :)

    Now if you want me to review your courses, please send me the number in a PM. It would also be a nice to be able to get in free, but I will still judge the normal price.

    Sorry its not a big review, but the effort for the fun factor is great!
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