Legit reviews games 4&5: Day of Defeat and Heros & Generals

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  1. To commemorate the start of WW1, lets review two WW2 games because it seems there are almost no WW1 games. These two games are Day of Defeat (DoD) and Heros & Generals. Both of these games are on Steam.

    DoD (Original) is an FPS set in WW2 Europe where you fight as the British or Americans against the Germans. It was originally a mod for Half-Life before Valve bought the rights and made it into a stand alone game in 2003. The game plays like most FPS games from the era, a little bit choppy and confusing but not overly hard to understand. The game looks a little bland though even for WW2. Nothing really pops out and makes the maps feel special, its just brown and some colors mixed with brown. The guns feel a little weird too like they just shoot all over place sometimes. It's damn near impossible to tell where the bullets are coming from unless your attacker is right in front of you. Over all I wouldn't say the game aged great over the years but I wouldn't say it aged bad either. I give it a 5/10.

    Heros & Generals is a new game on Steam and is in Early access. Normally this is the point where I laugh a bit and click onto another game, but this game is free so I decided to take a whack at it. Despite what I thought going into it this game isn't bad, it's GOOD actually. Yes there are some micro-transactions but they don't hinder the game in anyway. You play as the Americans or Germans and I hope they'll add other factions in later in development. At the start you pick a side and start playing. There is one optional training mission that didn't add all that much to what I knew about the game. The game even told me that the best way to learn about the game is just to hop into a game and start playing. You gain experience which ranks you up and unlocks new guns and stuff much like CoD or BF. You have to buy the guns and stuff with money you gain by playing. You see EA? This is how game currencies should work! The game looks nice too for a F2P. It's not really dark looking but its not bright either, it has a nice blend that's pleasing to look at. It's a good game that has lots of potential, 8/10.
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  2. I tried H&G and really liked it, but the same maps over and over get a bit boring.
  3. I really want them to create some new maps and possibly a new gamemode or two. I would personally like a D-Day map.
  4. Tried H and G unfortunately my computer can't handle it ;-;