Legit Reviews Games #3: Roblox

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  1. Seeing as how I did Blockland, we might as well go full circle and have some self-inflicted torture.

    I used to play Roblox a lot mostly in 2010 when it had a half-decent community and decent games, but everytime I go back to it I just end up with guilt for doing so for forcing my commonsense to have to deal with this mess, but here I am, doing it again.

    So I made an account, and this is the character I am greeted with..

    Bloody hell, did I fall into a wormhole and got spit out in 1995? The first thing I did was go to the forums, where I spent most of my time. I discovered that they redesigned it, and I'm amazed Apple hasn't sued them yet for their overuse of white. Other than that, the forums haven't changed much, pointless arguments over how much fried chicken "Telamon" can eat in five seconds, and I can answer that for you, its 0, because he's too busy wanting you to drop your wallet into his hands while he silently goes to work on it, ripping away your money for pointless upgrades that any decent site would give to you for free.

    Now onto the main "attraction", the games. It seems the only good game I can remember is taken down, so I've had to settle for "Work at a Pizza Place" Which I remember playing, and I also remember it was either really fun to play or a total mess. Once five minutes passed of loading, I joined a server and saw exactly what I expected, a bunch of people running around with no idea what to do. At this point any sane person would have quit, but my sanity was zapped away the second I saw my character. I made it about ten minutes before my interest peaked and then fell lower than the Marianas Trench.

    And now onto the store. Oh the Roblox clothing store, where people sell half-decent clothes at prices you would expect to see on fully decent clothes. It seems they changed it so the lowest price for any clothes must be 10 tickets, which is the amount of tickets you start with. The hats are still overpriced like normal, and also half-decent quality.

    Over all, it's still the same game it was a year ago, except worse. 4/10.
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