Legit Reviews Games #2: Blockland

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Mrlegitislegit, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Two in one day? Why not. So I bought Blockland today on Steam for two dollars (Normally ten so if you want to check it out, now is the time.) not expecting a whole lot, and while it isn't the greatest game ever made, it is certainly better than the OTHER lego-like mulitplayer game.(coughcoughcoughrobloxcoughcoughcough) The game offers two modes, a single player where you can build by yourself, and mulitplayer where you can build with others along with other game modes. The game also offers a character creator, and while it doesn't have as much options as Roblox, do to having no market to sell stuff on, it's ok for what it does, which is to mimic Lego design. Perfectly? No. Decently? Yes. Also unlike Roblox, this game has no micro transactions. No having to pay to build more than one thing, no having to pay to enter certain servers, and no having to pay to buy clothing.

    The game does have flaws. It lacks a physics engine for the building blocks, meaning that they won't fall if the ones under them are removed. It lacks a variety of character options like I said before, and the building controls can be a little awkward, but luckily you can change all the controls in the game.

    Blockland is definitely better than Roblox, but saying that is much like being asked if you would rather have a manicure or have your toe nails removed with a pair of pliers. Over all, it's not bad if you have a few bucks and some sparetime, but it isn't worth getting if you are looking for a game that will offer more than some casual amusement. 6/10.
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