Legit giveaway #2

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  1. An item that a guy won in a giveaway was never picked up, so I'm giving it away again! Its a bow with flame 1 and power 4. Pick a number and you might win!

    1. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    2. Tehwafflez
    3. TheTrufflehunter
    4. Sneeker134
    5. Equinox_boss
    6. Kingrager
    7. TerryDaTerrorist
    8. YOU12MAEC
    9. 1998golfer
    10. Terr

    I have to go for a bit, so just put your number down, and I will fill it in!
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  2. 13 please
  3. 3! there is no 13 terr. if your quick, u can claim the other half :)
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  4. lol 10 please

    I just auto type in 13 whenver mine plus your = 13 yay!
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  5. i always try to beat u to 13. its my lucky number (besides 64). my dad one best of live in the school auction with that number
  6. already taken. read second post :)
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  7. LOL :D
  8. fail didn't see it was scrolling too fast
  9. ya pig. your my other part of 13! HAHA terr!