Legit busts myths: Pain

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  1. Hello and welcome to Legit busts Myths. Today, the myth that humans can only handle 45 del's of pain, and what hurts more, child birth or a good kick the the family jewels.

    First, lets tackle the pain limit on humans. First thing wrong with this is that a del isn't a measurement for pain, its a measurement for NOTHING, but a dol was, but isn't any more. Dol's were once used to measure pain, but aren't any more, because of one reason, every person on Earth feels pain DIFFERENTLY, and is more intense or less intense for everyone. Its because of this that the Dol isn't used, as the max amount of pain that a person can handle is different for every person.

    Now, for the second part, what hurts more: Passing a watermelon sized human through a MUCH smaller opening, or getting kicked in a place that every man can tell you, doesn't feel exactly good. To answer this, we have to go back to the first part, everyone feels pain in a different way, which means that neither of these are exactly more or less painful, because one women might not feel as much pain during child birth as another women, and the same for a man, just with child birth being kicked in the groin. All through we could all probably agree that women feel more pain, we can't say this is true.

    Well, that's today's myth(s). Thanks fro reading. :)
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