Legit busts myths #4: Do dislikes on Youtube mean something GOOD?

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  1. No one ever likes getting dislikes on a Youtube video they posted, as it means they think the video is bad, which is normally true, but could it mean something good also?

    Now, before we get started here, if your video has TONS of dislikes that outweigh the likes, this might not apply to you. So on Youtube, you post videos for people to watch, which they might then like or dislike. Everyone says "OH, I GOT A DISLIKE, I SUCK AT MAKING VIDEOS!", wait a minute, you probably don't. Why? Because having a dislike on your video, means someone NOTICED it, and then watched it. Now sure, they disliked it, which means they don't like it, but it means that people are finding your videos and your channel and watching the videos. As a Youtuber I watch, Star_, said, "When I first got a dislike on one of my videos, I knew that meant people are watching them, and having an input on them.".

    So unless you only have dislikes on your video, think about the dislikes as a way of showing that people are noticing you and what you do, and not that you should give up.

    Thanks for reading. :)
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  2. That's Jerma.
  3. But it still means, someone doesn't like your stuff, so you want to improve it :D
  4. Almost every video gets a few dislikes, so having a few doesn't mean you have to If you have more dislikes than likes, than you should...
  5. I have a youtube channel but I have no idea what to put on it xD
  6. well star and jerma play together so whatever
  7. But there are also people who dislike videos that they actually like, or people that go to every video they can find and dislike it. Now if you know for a fact that you have epic material in your videos and you got a few dislikes, DON'T GIVE UP! They were most likely from "dislike bots". (No they aren't bots but they are the term used for people that do the above)
  8. some are bots, there are also bots that spam short urls and have the ability to like those comments and make them top comment for a few minutes