Legit busts myths #2: What came first, the chicken or the egg?

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  1. *Note, this will touch a little on evolution, so if you're highly against believing in it, click off and don't complain.*

    The question that has been asked for generations, what came first, the chicken, or the egg? Well, it would be the egg, wouldn't it? Because you need an egg to have a chicken, but you would need a chicken to lay that egg? WRONG. Who said it was a chicken that had to lay the first chicken egg? Enter, evolution. So lets say we have two birds, lets call them, Generic prehistoric bird 1, and Generic prehistoric bird 2. Now, 1 and 2 got together to mate, to carry on the species. Bird 2 (the female) lays the egg, and it hatches, but it doesn't look like either of the birds. It has yellow feathers, a bigger beak, less "toes" (Or whatever you want to call them) and sharper claws on them. Why is this? Because over generations, this bird species started to evolve to suit its environment better. Because of this, the birds are still technically the same birds as they were before, but they are different. Now, this new bird is better equipped to survive in its environment, which means it can carry on the species better, which is why we have Chickens today.

    Thanks for reading, and a new one will be out soon :)
  2. Nice breakdown! I've learned about evolution for my Biology GCSE and I find it really cool, it's not too hard to understand either once you know the basics. :)
  3. Also, the egg can't have come first, because the egg requires a chemical from a chicken to form.
  4. The egg came first, since it doesn't say what kind of egg :D
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  5. But it as en egg, just not a chicken egg. From that first egg, each egg laid would be the exact change, at least in that part of the world, so each new egg would have the stuff in it to form a chicken.

    Considering it says Generic Prehistoric bird 1 and 2, I would guess its a bird egg.
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  6. A circle has no beginnings :)
  7. I think the point skidz was making was that eggs existed long before a chicken did, because the egg in question isn't specified as a chicken egg.
    Edit: and theevolutionary example you gave proves the egg came first, because your chicken had to hatch from it in the first place.
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  8. I always KNEW it was evolution. And people didn't believe me...