Legendary Horse Mall!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    Im glad to finally open my new horse mall. The mall is located on smp2 at /v 3322. Below are the different sections and items the mall has to offer.

    I have a huge selection of speed horses to choose from. We have speeds 57-132 that you can buy. If you're interested in a 133 or 134, you can send me a pm.

    I have an awesome selection of jump horses to pick from. If you want a pretty decent jump horse, i sell 90-99s cheap. If you're looking for horses with 100+ jump, I have a section that sells 100-105 jump.

    Health Points
    If you're in need of a war horse or a horse for the wild, you've come to the right place ;) We have tons of 30 Hp horses in stock, and even 31 and 32 Hp horses. They are great for traveling in the wild and can withstand almost anything.

    If you are looking for a specific colored horse, I dedicated a whole portion of the mall for different color horses. Every single color to pick from is in stock (White, Creamy, Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Chestnut, Gray )

    Food and Armor
    I have every single horse food to pick from. (Wheat, Hay Bales, Carrots, Sugar). I have tons of golden carrots in stock too, which are great for horse breeders. I sell Iron, Gold, and Diamond horse armor so if you're bringing your horse in the wild, don't forget to get your armor here ;)

    The mall has donkeys AND mules to buy. If you are in need of a fast mule or donkey, I have two separate chests selling 110%+ speed donkeys and mules. I have Dinnerbone horses in stock (Horses that walk upside down) and multiple stable vouchers in stock. So if you're ever need in more space to store horses, come buy a stable voucher from the mall.

    I hope you guys enjoy it, Thanks
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  2. Sounds nice, I will make sure to check it out
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