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  1. Last night I was board I got a friend and a couple people who were on Empire last night join me in the arena and make a short film. I thought it would be neat.

    No due to the fact that this is my first video with minecraft and on a MacBook. I must say it sucks lol
    Later on I will be making a site showing tons and tons of things about Empire MC so it's like the ultimate Empire MC fan site.

    I will also be making professional vids for MC later on when I find out how to do free roam.

    Stay tuned for the site to come...
    Anyways heres the short Trailer I made last night.

    Watch the video in 1082p w/e it is... anyways the highest HQ you can get ---- Watch the vid on Vimeo for that ----------
  2. I like it, just bad taste in music for it tho X_X
  3. it gives me a 300 vibe.....good video though
  4. This is awesome and well done :)

    Jeremy can get this featured on GK
  5. Do you or can you upload this to youtube by chance? GameKrib doesn't support Vimeo. :(
  6. You can prob put it in a blog and feature that :)
  7. Ah, good idea!
  8. I tried to upload it to Youtube and it froze every time at 99% so
  9. If you're using Chrome, which you really should be, open YouTube in a new incognito window. Ever since I started doing that I've had no issues uploading.
  10. Hello im a regular to this server and i am having problems now connecting to the server i have entered the server ip main.EmpireMinecraft.com and the port as well also main.EmpireMinecraft.com alone but it just says
    "Cant Resolve Host Name"
  11. wth?
  12. Use the Empire Help & Support forum for posts like this.