Legend Of EMC: Four Swords!

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  1. So on a private server, a few of us were messing around with resource packs, and we stumbled upon a legend of Zelda one, and we had some fun, this is the only picture I took though

    So from left to right, its Billbob352(blue link), of SMP6, Kuraudochuu(purple link), of smp8, Me(green link), of smp2, and HurferDurfer1 (Redlink) of smp8
    and the skull creeping in the background is Dajakoe of smp2
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  2. Legend of Zelda? Screw that! Legend of Link! 'Coz he's the L to the I to the N to the K...
  3. He wears tights everyday and doesn't give a damn what you say.
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