Left 4 dead 2

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Champ4now, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Left 4 dead 2 its on sale on steam right now does anyone recommend it? (i need a quick response since i'm leaving for vacation tomorrow)
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  2. yes is good
    English: Yes get it please, we can play Monday maybe with Mike : D
  4. My brother own this game, I tried it before the f2p weekend, and I have to turn on low-violence mode just to not make my eyes fell tired
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  5. You'll have a lot of fun with L4D 2. It is worth well over the 5 dollars they are charging for it.
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  6. You get a frying pan and a hat in TF2, and its also a good game. GET IT.
  7. It's also (or was) on sale on Xbox Live Marketplace for like $10 for any Xbox fans out there.
  8. sold, plus i already have a pan from a guy who was selling his for some metal
    also at the current price i could easily get the 4 game pack with my current wallet balance (but i won't)
    also (again) for the next 16ish hours Garry's mod is on sale it requires to get on of the games with a certain engine (store page has a list) but now is the time to get it
  9. So, you have two pans now.. Would you possibly want to "donate" one to me? :D
  10. define "donate" :p
    anyone wanna play some l4d2 with me?
  11. So, I can't have it for free? :( Well, when I get back from vacation and have my PC, I will give you .22 for it, as that is the normal asking price for frying pans on Backpack.tf.
  12. looks like Half life complete is on sale today any recommendations? (i have just enough to get the complete package just looking for a recommendation)
  13. sorry for the double post but I just got my cards in for left 4 dead 2 and i got 1 jockey and 3 smokers... anyone NEED these to complete a collection?
  14. Trading cards = ez metal, ez life
  15. i do need a smoker...