Leaving the shyguys

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  1. Well, as you all know Im apart of a group called the Shyguys. If you don't then heres what it is: Shyguys is bascially a group of people who protect each other in pvp and team basically... It has been a pleasant 3 months with you shyyguys But sadly, I have to leave. I am moving on to new adventures! Zabuza9: I hand over my manager position to you. Look after the shyguys, they can be tricky.
    I will always be known as a friend of the shyguys! I hope you all do well and wish you the best :p. Shyguys, Goodbye :(.
    Kind regards, Aussie. All the best to Zabuza9 and the shy guys.
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  2. That is not really a thread you could send the whole group a pm not a thread. But sad to see you leave.
  3. Well, I would yet some of the group members and I decided to make it a thread for the public as a farewell..
  4. Sad your leaving, but now you can join the Kats. :p
  5. No join the cars with me and FDNY21!
  6. In fact let me rename my sword "Flaming ShyGuy Launcher".
  7. Never! Haha, the Kats will always be victorious! Although we do only have one member at the moment...
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  8. Hmm Tough decision. xD.
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  9. Nope I think differently.