Leaving smp3. Maybe.

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  1. I don't know where the time has gone with smp3. I remember djozane telling me about Empire Minecraft at school, telling me to go on smp3, not smp1, 2 or 4 or 5. That night I logged onto smp3 for the first time. The slots were always full back then. I claimed my res that night too.

    Then I got my brother and an old friend of mine to sign up here. Starpuncher has been living on smp3 ever since he started, which is the day he bought Minecraft for himself instead of using my account. My friend stayed here for about a day. Didn't even claim a res and tried to grief mine and djozane's res.

    And then we made TESG with AlexHallon. The group consisted of me, djozane, AlexHallon and star. Then the wild reset came and we had to abandon the island and go back to our town lives. I was a townie up until last week when I started heading out into the wild again. And now i've been hit with Block X and a very unsuccessful res that i've restarted twice.

    To make it worse, we have immature people who are the same age as me calling others retards and gays on smp3. What the heck is wrong with these people? So what if people with disabilities or people who are attracted to the same sex are on this earth? It's called variety, and nobody's perfect. How would they like it if their child was being skitted online because they're not attracted to the opposite sex or have problems that make it so they can't walk or talk?

    SMP3 doesn't get many newbies anymore and it usually has about 10 people online at once. The funfair isn't really that exciting either. So I may move to smp1, where the mature people and most of my friends are.
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  2. Mrlegitislegit has made a post about smp3 losing its touch. Join 4 of your leaving, smp4 will be glad for another member.
  3. SMP6 is rather calm. if uneventful. Also, it's summer, many people are on vacation. People will come back. I'm swear on the troll face shirt I'm wearing.
  4. Most people on the forums are on smp1. I moved from smp4 to smp1 and haven't regretted it.
  5. I'd move to SMP 1 or 2, but I have like, three IRL friends on SMP6 with me, and I don't go "SMP6 is full of noobs, it sucks..." or anything. It's rather remote I guess.
  6. "honestly I'm sticking to 5 'till the army kick's in... then Ill do something... else...."
    -I just quoted myself, deal with it