[LEAVING] Giveaway or drop party?

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by fBuilderS, Apr 15, 2015.


Which should i do?

Giveaway 11 vote(s) 78.6%
Drop party 3 vote(s) 21.4%
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  1. The event will be on the 20th of April. It will be hosted @11313
    Hopefully i would have converted it into a football stadium by then
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  2. You're leaving?
    Aren't you converting something?
  3. Theres just nothing to do anymore :( #BoredSquid Im converting yes over the next few days. Then i will leave it for my company to run the events. I will come on occasionally to see whats new but thats it. I will be active on the forums
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  4. Giveaway it is! To enter post below a logo for my company. No requirements.There is 7 prizes to win:
    1) Pot of Gold
    2) Eggcellent Wand
    3) Good chest of junk :D
    4) Fairly good chest of junk
    5) Slightly good chest of junk

    6) Chest of junk

    7) Chest of junk
  5. ...Don't leave..
  6. Theres nothing to do anymore, as good as EMC is i just cant find anything to do. Maybe when 1.8 comes out on Emc i could do something with that
  7. I know how you feel. I mean, all I do is XP grind nowadays. But I still stick around for... well, no reason in particular. =P Also, I feel like the community is dead. Not on here ( of course), but on the servers itself. Hardly anyone talks on the chat and I hardly ever go out on a mining trip with anyone. Or maybe it's because smp1 has very few players...
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  8. Check out the SMPs at different times!
    When its in the morning or late at night there are no players, but during the afternoon there are A LOT! All the major players are there.
    And I mean EMC time.
  9. What is your company?
  10. If you're leaving, good luck in your further adventures. :(
  11. I do not want you to leave! But there is the matter of the iron farm. May I claim ownership as scruffy gave to me?
  12. Hmm... He never mentioned that to me. Anyway Dektirok also partly owns it
  13. EF Industries
  14. Also any leftover prizes will be used in a drop party
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