Leaving EMC :(

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  1. I am leaving EMC, it is because of I have realized I play too much so I am leaving the server and deleting mc. I have had an AMAZING ride on EMC though :). Saturday at 10pm est I am planning to host a drop party and then quit (but have an admin permaban me to resist the temptation) I need some supplies to host the drop.

    Things I need (donations or partial off would be nice :)
    A stack of Ice
    A 1/2 stack of glowstone
    3 stacks of glass
    2 stacks of redstone

    Please MESSAGE me your price for these objects.
  2. dont leave WHY IS EVERONE LEAVING also there is no way to play to much
  3. No dude not ypu!! Cmon! Stay
  4. maybe he has to study
  5. ... he says that its because he plays too much, one again not possible
  6. Im sorry to hear that your leaving. But yes, minecraft can interfere with life, especially school.
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  7. Agh, I can't leave. I'm going to stay. I can't leave a community this awesome and I thought about it, I just have to manage my time better. But I won't leave. Lol, too bad I gave away 2 stacks of mossy cobble, 3 1/2 stack of Iron, my enchanted diamond tools, and 16 stacks of melons, 30 gold blocks, 30 pig eggs, 54 sheep eggs, and 12 cow eggs. If anyone wants to help me rebuild my res meet me at res 958 smp 1 in 45 minutes
  8. please dont leave :(
  9. I'm not, did you just read my last post?
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  10. Why Is everyone leaving
  11. YEY. Your staying!!! Your a cool dude you know! :D
  12. I'm leaving though. :D
  13. NOOOOO!!!!! Lol I hate people leaving one of the BEST MC group EVAR!!!!!!! :(
  14. Ok who ever wants to help me rebuild my res meet me at sm1 res 958 NAO
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