Leaving EMC Auction Ideas. Read Below.

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  1. As you all know, I am leaving EMC, for reasons I have stated. I am leaving in April.

    I plan to have a MASSIVE Auction, I mean the BIGGEST on all of EMCCCCC. Basically you want this, or your life is over XD, I will allow splits of course :p

    I really need your guys Ideas on this, I think the beacon one is out of it, but the 100DC of Iron, or 100DC of Iron BLOCKS is still in it.
    Also want to have Emeralds, and i'm planning on doing like 20DC of Enchanted Items, DC of Diamonds and that stuff, but I want to know what YOU, the COMMUNITY want in this Auction, I also want to include Sugar Cane and Paper, as they sell well. I will also include all of my Promo Collections :D

    Just a side note, the Auction will then go to the Community GIveaway, which will have TONS of stuff for the Giveaway.

    Just post your idea below, if you want to donate, please feel free to, or if you want to donate something big, or money donations, send me a PM on the Forums Here
    -> http://empireminecraft.com/conversations/add?to=MrWhosMagic

    Thanks guys :D
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  2. dc of leather, glowstone and slimeballs
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  3. 1 DC of every block/item?
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  4. Glowstone and Leather are on my list :)

    Would love to :p I'll try my best haha
  5. A dc of your head.
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  6. Im doing that one :p
  7. Does anyone wanna go on a mining trip with me soon?
  8. DC of diamond ores, and a DC of sticks, for the kicks.
    EDIT: DC of dyes. That would be pretty ruling.
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  9. If you hold a DC of pig eggs auction, I would love you forever.
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  10. How about 1-3 DC's of XP Bottles?
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  11. I am actually going to do this! HAHAHA :p
  12. I was considering working on it... Still am.. xD
  13. Dc of brewing stands XD
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  14. DC of Enchant Tables, plus all of your promos XD.
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  15. Enchanting tables sounds fun XD not to mention I would only need 2DC of Diamonds and 4DC of Obsidian XD
  16. DC of "Not so special dirt"
    DC of every mob head (including wither skelly)
    DC of every Admin/mod/staff's head
    2 DC of IcC heads
    DC of ore busters
    Good luck :D
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  17. Adina? lol My name with an a

    What will you do with this money?
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  18. Money goes towards my giveaway XD

    that sounds like fun to complete hahaha XD
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